Gloria Sánchez is a Spanish illustrator based in Prague (Czech Republic). Her work basically consist in photomontage/collage of old illustrations to create surreal and whimsical artworks inspired by the society, which the viewer can create his or her own narrative.

Influenced by pop art, dada or futurism, She tries to show to the viewer a new way to seeing the world putting together aspects of surrealism, mysticism and psychedelia in sublime juxtapositions to create a magical artwork where the Universe is almost always present.


br_collage_mementomori_gloriasanchezbr_collage_steampunkbird_gloriasanchezbr_collage_flamingos_gloriasanchezbr_collage_cat attack_gloriasanchez.jpg

br_collage_frameoflife_gloriasanchez.jpgbr_collage_space cat_gloria sanchez

br_Collage_cat fight_gloria sanchez


br_collage_collecting stars_gloria sanchez

br_collage_cat invasion_gloriasanchez


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