Kona Residence



I can’t speak for all architects, but I find myself drawn to the more impractical architecture in the world.

Buildings designed less to fill a utilitarian need and more for the sake of self-actualization. I would almost

say that this project by Belzberg Architects is more of a resort than a residence, yet the design

elements and spatial order of the project are quite compelling. Despite its extravagance it remains elegant

and inviting. So while this type of architecture might not be practical or sustainable or affordable,

it remains quite inspirational.






















See more at Belzberg Architects


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Hi I am an old hippie, a "beat" poet and novelist, and digital artist. I was co -editor and publisher of "Alpha Beat Press" alpha beat soup, bouillabaisse and cokefish and cokefishing in alpha beat soup with my late husband Dave Christy. My novel "eeenie meenie minee moe is for sale on amazon books. my other blogs are http://tilliespuncturedromance.wordpress.com about humor and the weird. The blog is named after a Charlie Chaplin movie. https://concretebologna.wordpress.com a blog about world art.

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