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Smokin if you…..


Sheldon Kleeman


To walk in man shoes

You’ve got to walk a lot

Yea depending  on the

year of that man

I would say it’s a life



I’ve seen a lot

Maybe to much

But what I’ve seen

You can’t read about

You can’t go to school to learn

A man once told me

standing at my front door

Give me my money

Or I’ll tear off your arm

Oh Yea

& he said if I didn’t

come up with the cash

He beat me with my own arm

To walk in another man’s shoes

Is more than just

someone’s  life

It’s a lifetime  of

being yourself

& not caring

who knows you

So now it’s 10pm

2 more it will 12am

For me that’s a month

& not only a month

But one less smoke in my hand

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Photographer Captures New Yorkers’ Vibrant Fashion Choices Made from the Waist Down

Photographer and editor Stacey Baker focuses her attention on the lower half of the body for her ongoing series titled New York Legs. Since 2013, she’s stopped women on the street and photographed them from the waist down, capturing the unique combinations of pants, skirts, boots, and sandals in front of nearby walls. Their legs are the only visible part of their form, and their lower-half fashions are a striking juxtaposition to the gritty city landscape.

Baker’s clothing curation tends to favor those who take chances with their style. She snaps pictures of vibrant patterned tights, Star Wars-themed skirts, and bell-bottoms that recall the 1970s. Although these types of garments often steal the show, furry boots and colorful shoes also make an appearance. Together, they help define the person—we can’t see their face, but we have a good idea of who they are based on these sartorial choices.

Baker has turned her project into a book, also called New York Legs, that’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.

New York Legs: Website | Instagram
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French street art duo Ella & Pitr create impressive large-scale murals on the roofs of buildings that can only be seen from the air thanks to the photography taken by a drone. They paint huge characters, sleeping giants, imprisoned between the limits of the unusual rooftop canvases. Martyn Reed, founder and CEO of NuArt Festival said of their work, “Much like their street work, the impeccably drafted characters that inhabit these canvasses can barely be contained within the frame, bursting with life and love and purpose, turn your back for a moment and they will undoubtedly free themselves from the limits imposed by the artists and animatedly take their leave through the nearest exit”

Visit Ella & Pitr’s website for more info.

Alexey Kondakov Photoshops Classical Paintings Into Contemporary Urban Settings


Alexey Kondakov Photoshops Classical Paintings Into Contemporary Urban Settings

Alexey Kondakov Alexey KondakovAlexey KondakovAlexey Kondakov

Have you ever wondered what a modern day Bacchus would look like? Or where Hercules and Hera would make out if they lived in a city? Well now you get to visualize it thanks to the imagination and talent of Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov. In his series The Daily Life Of Gods, he has photoshopped different classical gods, nymphs, angels and cherubs into various settings and locations we are all familiar with in our age.

We see Romans who sit in the middle of subway stations wearing laurel wreaths and playing the harp, like it is just another ordinary day. A forlorn damsel sits in diner pining over a lost lover, drinking a hot cup of coffee. A scantily clad couple make out on a sidewalk, in the dim street lamp light, surrounded by nosy cherubs. The different scenarios Kondakov has created are oddly surreal. Although they are far fetched, the scenes are not too unfamiliar. The figures, who would appear graceful and ethereal in Renaissance paintings, are, in their new settings, distasteful or tacky. The groups of these mythical figures are almost like drunken party tourists in any modern metropolis; looking like they are causing trouble and up to no good after a Friday night pub crawl.

Kondakov talks about his project a bit more:

….Then I thought, ‘What if I invite these [gods] into our reality and imagine they are on streets of modern Kiev?’ Then I wanted to transform a noisy company of cheerful kids who gathered to spend time together in the city or go to the movies. And in these heroes I saw the work of other artists. ….My project is about life. I really want to avoid talking about the social commentary. (Source)

But however they may seem, Kondakov’s fictional scenarios are definitely amusing, entertaining, and perhaps let us see the street dwellers of our own cities in a different light. (Via We The Urban)

Alexey KondakovAlexey KondakovAlexey KondakovAlexey KondakovAlexey KondakovAlexey KondakovAlexey Kondakov

New Large-scale Geometric Illusions in Paris by Felice Varini


New Large-scale Geometric Illusions in Paris by Felice Varini 

Photo © André Morin

Swiss artist Felice Varini (previously) recently opened a new solo exhibition titled “La Villette En Suites” featuring a number of anamorphic projections designed to be viewed from a single location creating an uncanny optical illusion. Varini is fascinated by architecture as backdrop for his artwork and seeks unusual spaces with varying planes of depth for his installations which can grow to be quite dramatic.

The new geometric pieces (which are technically paintings) are installed in both interior and exterior spaces around the Grande halle de la Villette within Parc de la Villette through September 13, 2015. You can see more views of the exhibition on StreetArtNews, and follow Varini directly on Facebook.

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

Photo © André Morin

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New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. Eads


New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. Eads 


Exploring ideas of human connection and our relationships to nature, illustrator James R. Eads (previously)

paints multicolored, psychedelic scenes that seem to pulsate with swirling patterns. Eads says his work is

heavily inspired by music, and indeed the LA-based illustrator is constantly cranking out gig posters for

the likes of the Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, and Iggy Pop. Seen here is mostly a collection of

person work from the last year, some of which are available as art prints. You can also follow him on Instagram.