Handsome wolf takes Internet by storm – but he’s entirely handmade from wool felt

Handsome wolf takes Internet by storm – but he’s entirely handmade from wool felt


Japanese animal lovers can’t believe this beautiful creature isn’t real.

From giant cat heads to puppy and kitten collections, felt artists in Japan have been blowing us away over the years with their fantastic ability to bring animals to life using wool felt materials. Now there’s a stunning wolf that’s come out to join the pack, and animal lovers in Japan can’t tear their eyes away from him, amazed at the incredible life-like result achieved with just a needle and some wool.


The wolf was created by Terumi Ohta, a talented Japanese artist who’s exhibited her works both in Japan and internationally. Born and raised in Hokkaido, Ohta combines her love of animals and nature with her passion for needle felting and is dedicated to creating the most life-like creations possible, with meticulous attention to detail.


Her creations have wowed audiences in Paris, New York and London, and now she’s presenting her works in Tokyo for a limited time, where her mesmerising wolf is currently stealing the show with its beautifully relaxed pose and thoughtful gaze.


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