Welcome My blog is named after my second book of poetry, which brought me into the world of underground poets and artists. I married my publisher. Moved to New Hope Pa.We went on 4 cross country tours doing readings. We had an incredible fun filled exciting 18 years together. He sald passed away 5 years ago, and i cannot bear to write poems without him sitting across from other side of the desk smiling. So I have written a novel and short stories, but the poetry is gone for now.

On a good note however, I have discovered the world of digital art and I am hooked on it. I make collages.You can find me on Instagram under “anaflowerchild.”

On a fresh note-This blog is to showcase art in all it’s many forms from all corners of the world.


I hope to create a visually enticing environment that will attract talented artists and bring them together here to Concrete Balogna. This blog with contain a bit of this and a bit of that. But most of all we are here to have fun.

Thanks you, Ana Christy. By the way I am very dyslexic! 🐐🐐🐐