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Amazing Art by George Red Hawk





10+ Unbelievable Food Carvings By Japanese Artist “Gaku”

10+ Unbelievable Food Carvings By Japanese Artist “Gaku”

10+ Unbelievable Food Carvings By Japanese Artist “Gaku”

Playing with your food isn’t always a bad thing. A Japanese artist, who goes by the name Gaku on Instagram, has raised it to an art form, carving intensely intricate patterns into everyday fruits and vegetables.

Realistic Food Bookmarks From Japan


Realistic Food Bookmarks From Japan

If there’s one thing that Japan does even better than food, it’s fake food. You can even find entire shops dedicated to wax bowls of ramen and tonkatsu that are used by restaurants to showcase their dishes. But as you can see from these bookmarks, the Japanese use their fake food in many different ways.

Similar to the wax offerings, these fake food bookmarks are incredibly realistic, so much so that they kind of make us hungry. They come in 8 different varieties in order to cater for the different tastes of the consumer, so whether you’re into your bacon or salmon or perhaps just a simple fried egg, you’re sure to find a bookmark to suit your personal culinary preference. You can buy them online from Tokyo Kitsch and they retail from between 10 to 15 USD. Bored Panda can also confirm that they make better bookmarks than actual pieces of food. Our bookshelf will never look the same again…

More info: Tokyo Kitsch | Facebook (h/t: spoon & tamago)




Jp.carp’s work mainly focuses on abstract patterns, though he may sometimes go beyond.

 his work is at present driven by these thoughts:

 Abstract graphic designs and patterns are the chore of his work.

 Throughout the time, jp.carp has had an increasingly frequent use of mixed media and aerosols to enhance his work.

He fully sets himself in the trend of contemporary art and Street art.Jean Monneret, critique d’art et auteur du catalogue raisonné du Salon des Indépendants a écrit que jp.carp

: Jean Monneret, a French art curator, wrote, when jp.carp exhibited at the renowned « salon des indépendants » that jp.carp: « a intégré le monde de demain, ultrarapide, changeant, virtuel, dans son travail abstrait qui combine désormais huile, encre et techniques informatiques (la poussée d’un Dôme dans le désert de l’azur, technique mixte).

 Is part of tomorrow’s world, superfast, changing, virtual, with his abstract work that now combines oil, ink and digital techniques (the rise of a dome in an azur desert, mixed technique)

Par cette alliance très contemporaine, Jean-Philippe Carpentier donne la première place à la couleur, comme un Rothko dont le dépouillement monochrome cherche « exprimer l’idée complexe en formes simples » et à détruire l’illusion en révélant la vérité ».

 Through this most contemporary alliance Jean-Philippe Carpentier place colours in the first place, like a Rhothko whose monochromatic try to « express a complex idea with simple patterns » and thus « destroy illusion when revealing the truth ».

In 2016, his work may be found on Instagram @jp.carp or twitter @jpcarpart, as well as in the real world.













Quirky New Chalk Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor by David Zinn


Quirky New Chalk Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor by David Zinn

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Story via This is Colossal

Michigan illustrator David Zinn  has brightened the streets of Ann Arbor with his off-the-wall (or technicallyon-the-wall) chalk drawings since 1987. The artist works with chalk or charcoal to create site-specific artworks that usually incorporate surrounding features like cracks, street infrastructure, or found objects. Over the years he’s developed a regular cast of recurring characters including a bright green monster named Sluggoand a “phlegmatic flying pig” named Philomena.

Many of Zinn’s artworks are available as archival prints, and he recently published a new book titledTemporary Preserves. You can follow his almost daily street chalk adventures on Instagram andFacebook.


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