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Delicate Tattoos Fuse the Graceful Beauty of Nature with Structured Geometry

Tattooist Jasper Andres uses a delicate touch to craft his intricate body art. Often fusing nature with geometry, the hybrid images exemplify the beauty found in both by highlighting their differences—the graceful movements and curves of animals and flowers are offset by the rigid structure of crystals and low-poly forms.

To further enhance his thinly-lined tattoos, the New Zealand-based artist uses vibrant colors with an approach that’s similar to watercolor painting. Pinks, blues, greens, and purples have a fluid feel as they intermingle with diffused edges, as if they were applied with a brush rather than a tattoo machine. This makes the pieces eye-catching, but not overtly flashy—they feature small, fine details that can only be admired when seen up close.

Jasper Andres: Instagram